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Advanced Applications

KODI application in Windows 10 NAS

What’s KODI?

ITE2 technology possess the original intention of developing a user-friendly network storage device (NAS), and launched the first personal/home network storage device: NE-201 with Windows 10 Enterprise version operating system.
So NE-201 equipped with the most well-known Windows operating system.

With a well design and a simple aluminum body, it is definitely one of your best data storage solutions.

Also, did you know that except for the data storage function, NE-201 can also be a powerful streaming video and media center?

In the following is the description of the NE-201 amplification function. So, let’s welcome the most classic and multi-function streaming video player software: KODI (XBMC)!

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Resolve Network Problem – Find ITE2 NAS after Windows Update

Why do we need to resolve network problem?

When Windows 10 NAS update to version 1709 or other updated version, you may encounter the problem that in Windows network cannot find ITE2 NAS.

That’s because Windows 10 version 1709 and version after do not default install SMB v1 service due to the security issue.

So that’s why the Windows network cannot find ITE2 NAS.

To resolve network problem, the following operation will teach user open network by WS-DISCOVERY communication protocol to avoid security problem.

For any questions about SMB v1, please refer to the Microsoft support answers:

First, confirm ITE2 NAS’s map network drive and share function has been opened.

For more detailed settings, please refer to: set-up-network-drive-for-nas-file-folder

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Wake on LAN application on Linux NAS

What is Wake on LAN? Wake on LAN is an application that can turn on a computer that is under sleep or turn off mode by another online device.

Can separate in two ways: [Wake on LAN] and [Wake on WAN].

This post will introduce you how to set up [Wake on LAN] application on PN-401, let it can be turned on by online.

After all the settings completed, we can use Windows 10 computer and application-specific software to wake up PN-401.

If your computer does not have Windows 10 OS, please refer to Wake on LAN Introduction.

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