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[Windows 10 NAS] NE-201 Hardware Details

The development process of a product always has various discussions and imaginations on the software and hardware details.

Like the chaos of the universe filled with multiple changes and collisions. It has to wait until the product hardware details instruction come out, and all things settled.

ITE2 NE-201 have lots of features, not only the software different from other brands’ NAS, but also the hardware design has differences, too.

So, what makes NE-201 so special?

Let’s find out in the following instruction!

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SO-801R-RP 8-BAY NAS is coming out to the market!

SO-801R-RP Rack Mounted 8-BAY NAS is coming out to the market!

Dear all the entrepreneur friends! The waiting is over.

ITE2 Technology SO-801R-RP Rack Mounted Windows 10 NAS highly standard storage solution will be coming out to the market and available in 2019.

If you are interested in rack-mounted storage products, follow our official website or Facebook for more product information!

So, let’s see some introduction of functions and specifications for SO-801R-RP first!

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[Windows 10 NAS] How to switch HDD under RAID 1 mode?

ITE2 Windows 10 NAS [NE-201] possesses RAID 1 mode function, which can help user lower the data loss risk if the HDD is broken.

NE-201 also owns hot-swap function, which can let the user switch single HDD while the NE-201 still on the operation.

However, please note that if you take out two HDDs, it will cause the system damage.

For the HDD switch operation, please refer to the following video and image instruction.

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NAS Structure Introduction by HDD SFF-8301

NAS structure introduction: When talking about NAS, there are different models in the market that can connect to a variety of storage.

However, the current mainstream leading data storage still goes to the 3.5-inch hard disk because of price and storage volume.

Since the 3.5-inch hard disk connected to the machine inside has to respond to an unexpected situation of hard disk damage that may occur at any time.

So there is a need to make sure user can replace the hard disk without stopping the machine.

To allow various hard disk manufacturers to have a uniform appearance size, and reduce the product and increase versatility.

The SFF (Small Form Factor) committee has developed a standard 3.5-inch hard disk structure size that allows product developers to follow the specifications.

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