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Desktop NAS

Install PLEX Multimedia Software on ITE2 NAS

Last time we introduced PLEX

(For more information, please refer to: PLEX Software – Combination of Multimedia Server and Player!).

In this post, let’s take a look at how to install PLEX in ITE2 NAS and how to access audio and video files in the NAS!

In this example, we prepared the 2-Bays NAS model: NE-201. With the built-in Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS, NE-201 can be regarded as a convenient lightweight desktop PC and quickly get all the required programs.

So, let’s begin to enjoy the convenience of the Windows 10 OS now!

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What Makes Windows 10 NAS So Special?

What makes Windows 10 NAS so unique and what’s the difference between Windows 10 NAS and traditional NAS?

First, Windows 10 NAS keep the original NAS features.

When you log in to the exclusive website interface or exclusive APP, you can access your files by connecting.

It also keeps the usual personal computer features.

For example, when you connect NAS to monitor, it just like a regular computer perfectly for your work. So this NAS is suitable for the user that understand and familiar with Windows operation system.

Alternatively, the enterprise that their management system or software are based on Windows operation system.

So, what are other applications on Windows 10 NAS that have both computer and NAS features?

What problem that it can solve for regular users? For more information, please see the following introduction!

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November 23 is Black Friday, while Cyber Monday will be on November 26.

Expect to see great deals across the whole weekend from a variety of retailers, but for Amazon, it’s set to be an even longer period.

With Black Friday less than a month away, many NAS buyers are already starting to get itchy trigger fingers. Never fear. So ITE2 Technology Inc. will not forget to bring the customer the hottest tech gifts on network attached storage.

This holiday season, let ITE2 give you the gift of tech with ITE2 NAS NE-201, the first and the only Windows 10 NAS on the market.

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NAS Structure Introduction by HDD SFF-8301

NAS structure introduction: When talking about NAS, there are different models in the market that can connect to a variety of storage.

However, the current mainstream leading data storage still goes to the 3.5-inch hard disk because of price and storage volume.

Since the 3.5-inch hard disk connected to the machine inside has to respond to an unexpected situation of hard disk damage that may occur at any time.

So there is a need to make sure user can replace the hard disk without stopping the machine.

To allow various hard disk manufacturers to have a uniform appearance size, and reduce the product and increase versatility.

The SFF (Small Form Factor) committee has developed a standard 3.5-inch hard disk structure size that allows product developers to follow the specifications.

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