PLEX Software – Combination of Multimedia Server and Player!

PLEX Software – For most users, after they saved important photos, music or video data into NAS.

The most important thing is how to browse, play and share those files to various device platforms easily and quickly!

So a wide variety of media players have emerged.

Remember the media player KODI (XBMC) that was introduced last time?

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PLEX Software – Combination of Multimedia Server and Player!

Today, let’s introduce another media player that is also popular between multimedia users and has a connection with KODI: PLEX

PLEX Software History

The prototype of PLEX Ssoftware first born in December 2007, when XBMC was already released to the market.

Engineer Elan Feingold tried to make XBMC become an open source in his spare time.

In order to let his Macintosh computer could have a useful streaming media player.

The code media player was ported to MAC OS X (now called mac OS) shared and discussed with other peers on the web platform.

At the same time, Cayce Ullman and Scott Olechowski, who sold the company to Cisco, noticed that Feingold’s liveliness on the platform and were very interested in his personal small project.

These three people formally formed a team in January 2008, and soon released a software version called “OSXBMC”.

Core target of the software is also known as its name, construct a media player that is perfectly integrated with MAC OS X.

Since the original OSXBMC was created base on the open source XBMC source code, these two programs had a great degree of similarity in the early days.

However, in May 2008, the team decided to let the program start branching with XBMC because of the commercial considerations. In same year July, it was officially renamed to PLEX, which word root has the meaning of multiple, composite, and many interrelated parts, also make people think of “Cineplex” (cinema), a word that is quite suitable for streaming media.

The team also developed the project into a profit company, Plex Inc., in December 2009.

PLEX has embarked on its own development path since then.


PLEX Software Introduction

PLEX is a media player and media server software. It is supported by Windows, Android, Linux, OS X and FreeBSD operating systems. Except for the standard functions of streaming pictures, music, movies and other files to mobile devices and smart TVs.

It can also allow users to watch videos from web content providers such as YouTube, Vimeo and TED by PLEX’s powerful web streaming capabilities. PLEX can also stream files such as Dropbox, Bitcasa, Box and other cloud-based hard drive platforms.

As mentioned in the title, PLEX is a multimedia player and multimedia server software. Users can manage and play multimedia files on a remote computer by “PLEX Media Server” through the PLEX front-end media player.

For ITE2 NAS, since it built in the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system. You can just click [Plex Media Server] on the PLEX official website and select [Windows] to download the corresponding main program quickly and conveniently.

In addition, you can install PLEX’s PLEX Media Player version software in your personal PC or mobile device. Or you can even play various media files saved in ITE2 NAS through a web browser, and experience the powerful streaming function of PLEX!

PLEX Software – Combination of Multimedia Server and Player!

Energy-saving, power-saving, with low-noisy, ITE2 NAS NE-201 is one of your best choices for a multimedia center that can operates 24 hours a day.

With NE-201’s built-in Intel® Celeron® Processor 3955U CPU, it will make you familiar with PLEX. In the next article, we will explain how to install PLEX on ITE2 NAS quick.

So stay tuned and found out for more!

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