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Backup Mobile Phone Photos by PowerCloud

Have you ever backup mobile phone photos by PowerCloud? Have you ever heard of that someone lose their phone and lose all the mobile phone photos too?

Don’t be one of them! Let’s get started to backup mobile phone photos by PowerCloud Now!

Someone may ask, what is the difference between backup in PowerCloud and Google, iCloud and other backup platform? Don’t worry; this post will introduce in the next paragraph.

With the dual combination of ITE2 NAS and PowerCloud, you can easily backup photos on your mobile phone!

Backup Mobile Phone Photos by PowerCloud

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ITE2 NAS – Good Helper for Storage and Sharing!

ITE2 NAS is a good helper for data storage and information sharing!

It has three main useful applications.

You not only can save files on ITE2 NAS and also can sharing information on ITE2 NAS.

  1. Micro Blog – Integrated information sharing and information interacting.
  2. Sharing Icon – Share your files to other APPs by one-click.
  3. Multiple Website Address Service – Let you can quickly build a mobile website by ITE2 NAS applications and display information you want to show.

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How to Keep Your Files Safe? Choose ITE2 NAS!

How  to keep your files safe? Nowadays, everyone’s computer and mobile phone contain lots of precious files and personal information.

In the past, we all back up our data by USB, hard drive, online cloud storage and other backup tools.

However, none of them can make a perfect balance between convenience and security at the same time.

ITE2 NAS combine user experiences, convenience, and security all in one device.

Let NAS no more the proper noun only for professionals but for everybody can understand.

Everyone including first-time users can easily share and backup files by ITE2 NAS!

For more backup information, please go to:

How to Keep Your Files Safe?

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What Makes Windows 10 NAS So Special?

What makes Windows 10 NAS so unique and what’s the difference between Windows 10 NAS and traditional NAS?

First, Windows 10 NAS keep the original NAS features.

When you log in to the exclusive website interface or exclusive APP, you can access your files by connecting.

It also keeps the usual personal computer features.

For example, when you connect NAS to monitor, it just like a regular computer perfectly for your work. So this NAS is suitable for the user that understand and familiar with Windows operation system.

Alternatively, the enterprise that their management system or software are based on Windows operation system.

So, what are other applications on Windows 10 NAS that have both computer and NAS features?

What problem that it can solve for regular users? For more information, please see the following introduction!

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