Setup DDNS for ITE2 NAS

How to setup DDNS on ITE2 NAS? This is a question frequently asked by ITES NAS users.

But even if the user has finished setup DDNS, it may not connect correctly due to the different network environments.

In this post, we will introduce some standard network environment and DDNS setup method. This article also picked up several common modem brands as DDNS setup examples.

First, in a network environment, if there is only one modem connected to the computer and equipment, as shown below.

Setup DDNS for ITE2 NAS

In this situation, the user can only set up 80, 443 port for ITE2 NAS on the modem, then DDNS should be working fine.

For more information, please refer to the following operation:

Typically, users can open the browser on PC and type in default IP – [], or [], then the modem settings page should be opened.


Use CHT Modem to Setup DDNS

Setup DDNS for ITE2 NAS

Generally, there are two sets of default account passwords in the modem. One is the simple mode, and the other is the advanced mode.

Please let the telecom operator you need to set up the Port Forwarding service, and obtain the advanced mode account and password from the operator.

After receiving the account and password, log in and click on the left tab [Firewall> Port Forwarding] (or called Port Triggering, Virtual Servers).

Then click [ADD] to add two rules:

  1. Type in IP [] (Enter NAS Public IP)
    PORT RANGE enter [80]
  2. Type in IP [] (Enter NAS Public IP)
    PORT RANGE enter [443]


【CHT – Alcatel Version】

Setup DDNS for ITE2 NAS

After finished all the settings, it should be shown below. (The is NAS IP)

Setup DDNS for ITE2 NAS

【CHT – Zyxel Version 1】(The is NAS IP)

Setup DDNS for ITE2 NAS


【CHT – Zyxel Version 2】

If there is a [Apply] button, please remember to press that button after finish adding to apply the settings. (The is NAS IP)

Note: For how to get NAS IP, please refer to FAQ-How to get NAS IP

 Setup DDNS for ITE2 NAS


Use KBRO/TWM(Cable Telecom) Modem to Setup DDNS

Setup DDNS for ITE2 NAS

Users can ask Cable Telcom to provide an account and password that can log in to the modem. Then operate the following instruction.

【Hitron Version】(The is NAS IP)

Setup DDNS for ITE2 NAS

Generally, DDNS can be connected within 1-2 hours after the setting is completed. If DDNS still cannot connect regularly, please confirm whether the rules in the modem are entered correctly and already enabled. Then the user should verify the network architecture.

If your network architecture includes a router or other device, please see the next post for more information.

If you still cannot connect to DDNS after finished all the settings. Please confirm the rules again in the modem to make sure they are correctly entered. If DDNS still failed, please contact your device’s customer service for technical help.


User commonly uses the following ports.

If other services are required to open for the external network, the rules can be added in the same way.

Please note that open a port may cause a security risk.

It is recommended not to open them unless necessary.

TCP 21 port: FTP Service
TCP 22 port: SSH Service
TCP 445 port: File Sharing Service (SMB)
TCP 1723 port: VPN-PPTP Service
TCP 3389 port: Remote Desktop Service

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