KODI application in Windows 10 NAS

What’s KODI?

ITE2 technology possess the original intention of developing a user-friendly network storage device (NAS), and launched the first personal/home network storage device: NE-201 with Windows 10 Enterprise version operating system.
So NE-201 equipped with the most well-known Windows operating system.

With a well design and a simple aluminum body, it is definitely one of your best data storage solutions.

Also, did you know that except for the data storage function, NE-201 can also be a powerful streaming video and media center?

In the following is the description of the NE-201 amplification function. So, let’s welcome the most classic and multi-function streaming video player software: KODI (XBMC)!

KODI (XBMC) Introduction

KODI (formerly known as XBMC) is a free and open source cross-platform software media player and entertainment center. Developed by the non-profit XBMC Foundation.

KODI can be used in many common operating systems and hardware environments such as Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS and Android. It has been designed to correspond to the large screen environment or the home theater and it is friendly to the remote control and the joystick interface, as well as the clear and large system fonts.

It allows users to play and view streaming video and audio media, such as movies, music, podcasting from the Internet, and to play all the common digital media files from the local area networks or network storage devices.


KODI (XBMC) History

In 2002, a group of developers noticed the potential of Microsoft’s home video game console – XBOX. Which contain a common x86 architecture CPU, and equipped with display chips, network, with multiple TV output terminals, built-in CD player, internal hardware features such as hard disk drives.

These features are quite suitable for the audio and video players. In 2003, an Xbox media player software based on XBOX was born, which is the predecessor of XBMC.

Afterwards, due to the software increasing functionality, various software packages made the Xbox Media Player more powerful, and soon renamed it to Xbox Media Center, and finally changed its abbreviation to XBMC (XBox Media Center).

Also, the ITE2 4Bay model: PN-401 already directly equipped with XBMC version 13.2!

With the continuous development of other hardware platforms, various environments with easy XBMC installation are increasing. XBOX hardware platform becoming out of date.

Also, the software used XBOX as one of the name and this becoming some trademark problem. With regard to the issue of trademark rights, the XBMC development team decided to rename XBMC to KODI. The 13.2 version released in 2014 is the final version called XBMC.

And the 14th version is officially renamed to KODI. Currently, the stable version released in September, 2018 by official is 17.6 Krypton and it is all available for download on KODI’s official website and at the Microsoft Marketplace (or Microsoft Store).

How to Install KODI 17.6 Krypton

When NE-201 shipped to your home, it already comes with powerful Windows 10 OS. Thanks to the KODI development team’s work, you can already find KODI software in Microsoft store easily and download, and it is totally free to support the open source spirit! Now, let’s introduce you how to install KODI on NE-201:

Please click Windows icon> Explore> Microsoft Store> enter into the Microsoft Store.

Use KODI in Windows 10 NAS

Or find the search column and enter Microsoft Store> enter into the Microsoft Store.

Use KODI in Windows 10 NAS

Search keyword: KODI, and find the app that comes with blue and white KODI Logo.

Use KODI in Windows 10 NAS

Enter into the application page, and click [Get] to start download process.

Use KODI in Windows 10 NAS

System will ask you to sign in Microsoft account, if you did not have an account, please select [No, thanks].

Use KODI in Windows 10 NAS

Then the system will download the software automatically from Microsoft Store.

Use KODI in Windows 10 NAS

After installation process completed, the [Get] icon will turn to [Launch], please click to start.

Use KODI in Windows 10 NAS

Open the software and Windows Defender will pop up an alert, please select options and click [Allow access].

Use KODI in Windows 10 NAS

Then you should see the welcome page from KODI, and you should enter to the default settings English main menu.

Use KODI in Windows 10 NAS

If you want to adjust system language, please refer to the following introduction.

Adjust KODI language

Click the gear icon on the main menu.

Use KODI in Windows 10 NAS

Then click [Interface settings].

Use KODI in Windows 10 NAS

Click [Skin> Fonts> Arial based].

Then click [Regional> Language] and select the language you want to choose, then the system language will switch to your language successful.

Use KODI in Windows 10 NAS

Use KODI in Windows 10 NAS

And that’s KODI installation and basic settings. In the next post, we will introduce you how to use KODI and other advance functions.

For more information, please stay tuned and find out!

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