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About ITE2 NAS

About ITE2 NAS

Increase Windows 10 NAS Partition Capacity

Once we created the space for Windows 10 NAS, we can create more than one partition for our NAS. You surely can increase those partition capacity too.

You can directly view the local disk part in the Windows 10 OS interface.

If you like to upgrade the capacity, you can use the [Increase partition capacity] function in the PDM HDD Management.

Please see the following introduction for more information.

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Micro Blog Introduction (Windows 10 NAS)

In the PDM interface, ITE2 NAS provide Micro Blog function, which can use as a NAS share/announcement information platform. Even if the non-login user can still see the messages from NAS user.

In [Micro Blog] function, the regular user needs to open permission by admin user in [User Management] to start to use the feature.

After the regular user gets the permission they can create, edit, delete the [Micro Blog] they created.

Admin user has all the permission to edit and delete all the user’s micro blog. In the following post will introduce you how to use the [Micro Blog] functions.

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Wonderful RAID Family – Part 1

RAID-0 introductionWhat is RAID?

When we are talking about the file backup solution, Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are often the best choice. That’s because NAS most essential feature is its ability to do a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks).

To speak easily, the RAID mechanism can reorganize a few disks into a RAID group (consolidated into a large capacity). In that way, when the users compare with the general storage devices like portable hard drives, USB devices, etc. NAS with RAID mechanism provides a more excellent read and write performance and a higher capacity, or even have a higher security and fault tolerance. So, lets said the hard drive is sudden damage or fail to use, all the data saved in NAS can have a degree of reorganization, and will be able to restore back.

RAID is a unique application of the computer capacity. If we directly describe the principle of the RAID, it may make many NAS new users unfamiliar with the NAS device and feel very scared. So, let’s try an exciting way to introduce What’s RAID! In this post, we will take ITE2 NAS model PN-401 with four drive slots as an example.

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