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About ITE2 NAS

About ITE2 NAS

Windows 10 NAS – Micro Blog Application

ITE2 Technology all NAS products have Micro Blog Application in its File Management platform.

Micro Blog Application let each account has a platform to leave a message or share information, not just a single [Account], [Password], and [Log in the] icon on the login page.

Micro Blog Application can be widely useful, except for personal use; it can also be applied in business.

Please see the following post for more Micro Blog introduction.

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Important Notice – To All ITE2 NAS Users

Important Notice:

To all ITE2 NAS users,

We have found some problems with the previous and update version. So for all ITE2 NAS users who are currently on and version, if you would like to update to the PDM latest version.

We strongly advised uninstalling PDM [Power Data Manager] software first then re-install. (The system data will remain when PDM software is uninstalled).

Please noted that if you directly update PDM software, it may cause system data crushed and cannot be recovered.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you so much for your corporation.

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PowerCloud Backup Function Introduction

PowerCloud 4.1.1 version has updated a new backup function in order to let user enable to backup their mobile phone images to NAS.

Click [Backup] and make sure the backup path, then click [Start Backup].

After the backup process starts, PowerCloud should switch to the backup page to do the backup process, you can still switch to another page to do other operation, and it won’t affect backup.

(Please note that PowerCloud backup operation only runs in the foreground and do not run in the background.)

PowerCloud Backup Function Introduction

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