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PowerNAS PN-401

Wake on LAN application on Linux NAS

What is Wake on LAN? Wake on LAN is an application that can turn on a computer that is under sleep or turn off mode by another online device.

Can separate in two ways: [Wake on LAN] and [Wake on WAN].

This post will introduce you how to set up [Wake on LAN] application on PN-401, let it can be turned on by online.

After all the settings completed, we can use Windows 10 computer and application-specific software to wake up PN-401.

If your computer does not have Windows 10 OS, please refer to Wake on LAN Introduction.

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Restore Linux NAS Storage Space & Replace HDD

If Linux NAS has damaged HDD, what can we do to replace HDD?

Don’t worry! If Linux NAS is under RAID 1, 5, 10 modes, and encounter single hard drive display [Warning] status or the RAID mode display [Downgrade] status.

You can use PDM [Space Management> Create hot spare] function, then you can replace damaged hard drive and restore all the storage space.

For more details, please refer to the following introduction!

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