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Create a Decent Website by ITE2 NAS Part 1

This post will introduce how to create a decent website by ITE2 NAS.

No matter a freelancer or a business, they all need to have a website to market themselves. But not everyone can create a decent website from nothing. But don’t worry!

Now you can create a website through ITE2 NAS and Mobirise without any challenge! Mobirise is a free visual software to create a website.

By dragging objects, the user can complete the creation quickly. Also, the user can create a beautiful website without any design knowledge.

Moreover, the website created by Mobirise supports RWD design, which can let other people read on computers, tablets, and mobile phones easily.

By Mobirise and ITE2 NAS DDNS service, users can easily publish their website to the World Wide Web. So that NAS not only can back up data but also can serve as a web server.

Sounds great, right?

Now, let’s get started to create a decent website!

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Setup DDNS for ITE2 NAS

How to setup DDNS on ITE2 NAS? This is a question frequently asked by ITES NAS users.

But even if the user has finished setup DDNS, it may not connect correctly due to the different network environments.

In this post, we will introduce some standard network environment and DDNS setup method. This article also picked up several common modem brands as DDNS setup examples.

First, in a network environment, if there is only one modem connected to the computer and equipment, as shown below.

Setup DDNS for ITE2 NAS

In this situation, the user can only set up 80, 443 port for ITE2 NAS on the modem, then DDNS should be working fine.

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Backup Mobile Phone Photos by PowerCloud

Have you ever backup mobile phone photos by PowerCloud? Have you ever heard of that someone lose their phone and lose all the mobile phone photos too?

Don’t be one of them! Let’s get started to backup mobile phone photos by PowerCloud Now!

Someone may ask, what is the difference between backup in PowerCloud and Google, iCloud and other backup platform? Don’t worry; this post will introduce in the next paragraph.

With the dual combination of ITE2 NAS and PowerCloud, you can easily backup photos on your mobile phone!

Backup Mobile Phone Photos by PowerCloud

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