Create a Mobile Website by ITE2 NAS (Part I)

Do you want to create a website that can showcase your products or works?

Or do you want a website that can show out your interest or collections? Also, lots of people viewing the site on their mobile phones right now.

So creating a mobile-friendly website is very important to this modern world.

Say, it is straightforward to create a web page on a social media website, but the social media website is built on multiple buttons, information integration, brand visual communication and so on.

So a mobile website can be more efficient in marketing and let customers or visitors quickly understand your products or ideas.

But usually, to create a mobile website cost lots of money, how can a small business owner create a mobile website without spending any budget on it?

Don’t worry, here comes the best solution for you.

ITE2 NAS can help a small business owner create a mobile website for free by a few steps!


A mobile website by ITE2 NAS? What is ITE2 NAS?

ITE2 NAS is a computer that can save lots of data securely, and it also comes with a website creating function!

  • There are a few advantages to creating a mobile website by ITE2 NAS:

No to apply website address – ITE2 NAS provides three sets of website addresses for free to ITE2 NAS users, no more website address rental anymore.

  • Easy to create – What you see is what you get, no need to learn complicated code programming.
  • Able to embed Google Analytics – The easiest way to understand website traffic.
  • Responsive Web Design – No more wrong format when shifting between mobile phone and computer.

Let’s create a mobile website by ITE2 NAS now!

Here comes how to create a mobile website by ITE2 NAS part 1 tutorial video.

For more ITE2 NAS mobile website tutorials, please follow this blog!


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