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Usage Scenarios

My Mobile Phone Accidentally Broken, What Can I Do to All the Missing Files?

What if your mobile phone broke accidentally?  Moreover, all your files are missing? It will be too late to back up until your phone is broken! So let’s back up your mobile phone backup now.

You can have a better choice to back up except Public Cloud! ITE2 Technology NAS NE-201, a PC that possesses cloud storage function. Let user can backup mobile phone files back to NE-201 by exclusive Power Cloud APP.

You can also sync backup your other computer’s files to NE-201. So, let’s back up our intangible assets together now!

🔸 This video recommends using a mobile phone and open the full screen to watch🔸

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[Windows 10 NAS] Get Your Files Everywhere!

Let’s get your files everywhere! Miss Deer is going to propose to her boss, but she forgot to bring her presentation with her!! What can she do?

Thanks to ITE2 Technology Inc. Windows 10 NAS [NE-201]. It is not only a computer but also cloud storage.

Just save your files in the specific path, and your files can be easily reached by URL or App! No need to bring your USB and to buy unsafe online cloud storage service!

NE-201 is your best partner in the cloud world!

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[Windows 10 NAS] Have you backup?

Have you ever happened following scenarios? Alternatively, “almost” happened before?

There have lots of digital products all around us, like mobile phone, laptop, computer, online cloud hard drive and so on. Let’s be honest and ask ourselves, have you back up your digital files?
People always said that an accident would happen accidentally, so if you do not prepare and backup your files, you will not have a chance to respond. So from now on, let’s back up your files properly!

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KODI application in Windows 10 NAS

What’s KODI?

ITE2 technology possess the original intention of developing a user-friendly network storage device (NAS), and launched the first personal/home network storage device: NE-201 with Windows 10 Enterprise version operating system.
So NE-201 equipped with the most well-known Windows operating system.

With a well design and a simple aluminum body, it is definitely one of your best data storage solutions.

Also, did you know that except for the data storage function, NE-201 can also be a powerful streaming video and media center?

In the following is the description of the NE-201 amplification function. So, let’s welcome the most classic and multi-function streaming video player software: KODI (XBMC)!

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