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Usage Scenarios

Usage Scenarios

KODI application in Windows 10 NAS

What’s KODI?

ITE2 technology possess the original intention of developing a user-friendly network storage device (NAS), and launched the first personal/home network storage device: NE-201 with Windows 10 Enterprise version operating system.
So NE-201 equipped with the most well-known Windows operating system.

With a well design and a simple aluminum body, it is definitely one of your best data storage solutions.

Also, did you know that except for the data storage function, NE-201 can also be a powerful streaming video and media center?

In the following is the description of the NE-201 amplification function. So, let’s welcome the most classic and multi-function streaming video player software: KODI (XBMC)!

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[Windows 10 NAS] How to Protect Files during File Transfer

How to protect files during file tranfer?

In a lovely day, a hard working engineer is going to transfer his 7GB data from laptop to ITE2 Windows 10 NAS [NE-201].

Suddenly! A swiper who love to prank trying to stop the data transfer process.

What is going to happen next, and is there any way to stop the swiper and protect files?

Stay tuned and find out!

p.s. In this video, all data transfer process is under WIFI environment.

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File History Backup on Windows 10 NAS

When you select NE-201 as your NAS, you can back up your files manually to NE-201 or use built-in Windows 10 OS [File History Backup] function.

By the following steps, you can use [File History Backup] feature to set up essential files history restore point and back it up automatically to the NE-201.

In that case, if you accidentally edit, delete, or cover your necessary files, you can use [File History Backup] to restore your files!

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File sharing so easy with ITE2 Center!

What will you do when you want to sharing a PDF file to your social media platform? Here’s what you usually do, first, send the data to the cloud storage and build a share link, then go back to social media platform to share that link and post. Am I right? However, don’t you think this is a waste of time?

But don’t worry, here comes a great solution! That is ITE2 Center from ITE2 technology Inc. You can upload your files and turn that file into a share link and enter your sharing information at the same time, at the same place!

It can also sync backup data you have posted and shared. In that case, you do not need to worry that you have to scroll your entire social media timeline to find the files you shared.

ITE2 Center make your file sharing so easy!

ITE2 Center file sharing process

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