Get started with website analysis – Pt. II

Part II of get started with website analysis, we will introduce “Reports” in Google analytics.  Reports including the report of Real-time, Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, Conversions, and so on.  So that marketing personnel can review the latest popular page in this website, and know where the visitor come from, what the visitor doing, how long does the visitor stay in this website. By analyzing the behavior of the website’s users, it will help to make website marketing decision.

"Reports" in Google analytics

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Get started with Website Analysis – Pt. I

If we want to track and connect your marketing data, we need to use website analysis tools.  A website analysis tool can find out lots of marketing data, including Web traffic, visitor behavior, audiences’ data, the number of page views.  These reports will use for understanding and optimizing web usage.

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Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 – Part II

Have you/your friend ever used camera to take a photo of PC screen? Have you found out these photos always look really weird and not so clearly?
In this article, we will introduce a keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 – Print Screen. Print Screen can take a screen shot of PC screen, and the screenshot will save to clipboard.
Furthermore, Print Screen not only can take full screenshot, use it with other hotkeys, it also have more function to use.

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10: Print Screen

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