Speed up! Add Ethernet adapter to your NAS

Today, more and more people have started using smartphones.  It’s commonplace to see people with their smart phones taking photos or videos.  With the Rapid Evolution of Smart Phones, photo and video size are getting bigger and bigger. If your NAS only support 1GbE, it will takes lots of time to upload/download these photo and video from NAS.
Because of Hardware restriction, low-end NAS usually cannot upgrade their network speed by change or upgrade their network interface card.  If you want to change a high-end NAS, it will costs a lot of money, and takes a lot of time to move all the files.
Therefore, Brand manufacturer release a product that can easy to upgrade NAS network speed – USB Ethernet adapter.


USB Ethernet adapter

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Best Practices for Information Security (I)

As users store more and more important data on computers or clouds, there are more and more cyber attacks occur.  Not only IT personnel, but also common users need to know information security.

In this article, we will show some practices for Computer and Information Security.

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