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[ Windows 10 NAS ] ITE2 Center Backup Introduction

ITE2 Center backup function can help you back up the files in your computer to the network drive or ITE2 NAS, and you can set up immediate backup mode or scheduled backup mode to perform differential file backup.

To maximize the backup function with the least amount of capacity. ITE2 Center will be the most comfortable and most convenient solution for your information safe.

For the operation of ITE2 Center backup, please refer to the following video introduction!

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ITE2 Center – Sharing and Backup Your Files!

ITE2 Center is an application that combined sharing and backup function.

By ITE2 Center, you can directly share your images, files, website links through file explorer, edge, photo viewer, OneDrive, Windows store, paint 3D and other applications to your social media website.

Moreover, you can sync backup those sharing contents to ITE2 NAS’s Micro Blog and storage space.

ITE2 Center help your sharing and backup all the time!

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When a user installs ITE2 Center, they can use software built-in social media function share files or images to social media website.

However, did you know even if you using other applications, you can still sharing and backup files or pictures to social media website by ITE2 Center?

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Backup your files by ITE2 Center

Backup is critical to everybody right now since everyone is using a computer. Not to mention the files in the computer, images, company data, school projects and so on. These data have been increased fast. However,  lots of users usually do not have conscious about that and ignore the importance of backup. Moreover, sometime, things just happened, in that time, it will be too late to regret. That’s why you need a perfect backup app to help you, and that is ITE2 Center.

ITE2 Center is an app special designed for Windows 10. It has two main features, social media sharing and schedule differential backup. In this post, we will introduce you how to setup backup from ITE2 Center.

First – Download ITE2 Center

Please download your ITE2 Center in Microsoft Store.

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