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PowerCloud Account Settings Introduction

In PowerCloud, account settings function can let you log out or switch to another NAS account.

This function can help you manage if you have more than one NAS or if you want to manage more than one NAS accounts. You can click the upright corner    icon and find the account settings function [Log in another Account] and [Log out] in the below.

PowerCloud Account Settings Introduction

Please refer to the function introduction in the following.

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PowerCloud Download Space Introduction

The download space in PowerCloud is a specific space for app only. PDM won’t have that space.

This space is designed for saving those files downloaded from ITE2 NAS to mobile phone side.

In this space, user can operate files just like in file list. There will be only a few function that do not support, please see the following introduction.

Some parts of functions already introduced in the PowerCloud File List series.

So in this post, we won’t repeat introduce those operations.

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