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PDM(Power Data Manager)

PDM(Power Data Manage)

Windows 10 NAS – Network management

In ITE2 NAS [Settings/Network Management] Page, You can set up IP, Wi-Fi, and DDNS settings for you ITE2 NAS. [IP settings] and [Wi-Fi settings] is based on the network settings in Windows 10. [DDNS settings] is the special feature, when you are in external network, you still can access files by a unique URL.


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Windows 10 NAS – Micro Blog Application

ITE2 Technology all NAS products have Micro Blog Application in its File Management platform.

Micro Blog Application let each account has a platform to leave a message or share information, not just a single [Account], [Password], and [Log in the] icon on the login page.

Micro Blog Application can be widely useful, except for personal use; it can also be applied in business.

Please see the following post for more Micro Blog introduction.

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[Windows 10 NAS] File Management – Sort

File Management – Sort function introduction

In Windows 10 NAS – PDM version, it has added [Sort by] and [Display number] function in [File Management] page.

The sorting function can be in ascending order or descending order by [Modified Date], [Type]. [Size], [File Name]. In the [File Management] page, it can also display file number in 10, 25, 50, 75, 100.

For more information, please see the following operation introduction.

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