Windows 10 – Save files like cloud storage

We all wish that we have a Windows 10 computer that can directly save files like cloud storage. And here we are! With built-in Windows 10 loT Enterprise, ITE2 NE-201 can make your dream come true!

You definitely can use ITE2 PDM interface to upload your files to NAS.

For how to use PDM, please refer to ITE2 NAS – Power Data Manager

But how to save files to NAS when NE-201 is using as a typical computer and no need to log-in to PDM?

Stay tuned and find out!

(Please note that the following route cannot be deleted or it may cause PDM or APP cannot find the right path and lead to the file saving failure)

Viewing NE-201 PDM interface under Windows 10

First, open your Windows 10 file explorer, and you will find an ITE2 folder in D disk.

檢視PDM在Windows 10底下的路徑

Click on the folder and the system will make sure that user has permission to access ITE2 folder. If the user did not have authority, a warning message would pop out.

PDM在Windows 10底下的權限

When you enter into the ITE2 folder, there will be three more folders: Groups folder will correspond to Group Space, home folder will correspond to the private folder for each account (Please note that this is not the Home Space), and the Public folder will correspond to Public Space.

檢視PDM在Windows 10底下對應的資料夾

When entering the Home folder, you will see the folder named by each account username.

In that case, you can only access your own folder and cannot access to others.

檢視PDM在Windows 10底下每個帳號的資料夾

Enter in your account folder, and you will see the Backup folder (for Backup Space) and Home folder (for Home Space) and other two folders for specific apps.

檢視PDM在Windows 10底下的個人專屬資料夾

Let’s try to save a file to Windows 10 NAS folder!

Let’s get in the Home folder (your Home Space) and drag any of files you want to save in Windows 10.

And that’s it, no more steps! You are already successful saving files to NAS without log-in to PDM!

存放檔案在Windows 10的路徑

In that case, you can use any browser to view your NAS files in anytime and anywhere.

在PDM上檢視從Windows 10新增的檔案

Even if you are using mobile phone app (PowerCloud).

Those computer files can be viewed and download to the mobile phone easily since the data are already on the NAS! How cool it is!

在Powercloud APP上檢視從 Windows 10 新增的檔案

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