Windows 10 NAS vs. Public Cloud? Which one is better? Part 2

In Windows 10 NAS vs. Public Cloud? Which one is better? In part 1.

Windows 10 NAS vs. Public Cloud?

We have compared speed, public cloud service limitation, and security.

In part 2, we will compare Windows 10 NAS’s price, diversity to public cloud services.


Windows 10 NAS vs. Public Cloud – Price

Say, if a normal consumer only needs to back up their phone photos and computer data in the company or at home. Let’s say they choose Google One, 10TB (3,300 dollars/month) plan will cost a total of 39,600 dollars a year. If they choose to buy a Windows 10 NAS, the total will be 38,979 dollars to buy a non-Wi-Fi version NE-201 and two 10 TB NAS dedicated hard drives.

In other words, if a customer can use NE-201 for more than one year, it will be more cost-effective than using public cloud services. Moreover, the Windows 10 NAS and NAS hard drive all have warranty at least 2 years. Now you know which should choose, right?

 planTotal planTotal
Google One
10 TB Cloud hard drive plan
3,300 dollars/ monthITE2 NAS18,999 dollars
10 TB NAS hard drive9,990 dollars
10 TB NAS hard drive9,990 dollars
39,600 dollars/year38,979 dollars/year

If we want to calculate the part that includes electricity and other equipment costs further, we have designed the following scenarios for your reference. However, first, we need to calculate the cost that list of all details.

Public Cloud10 TB Each month plan3,300 dollars
NASTwo-year amortization cost
(With two 10 TB hard drives)
18,999 dollars + 9,990 dollars + 9,990 dollars=38,979 dollars

38,979 dollars/24 months=
About 1,625 dollars

Each month electricity cost720 hours × 19.5 W = 14.04 kWh 14.04 kWh × 2.1dollars =
About 30 dollars
RouterTwo-year amortization cost1,000 dollars/24 months=
About 42 dollars
Each month electricity cost720 hours × 10 W = 7.2 kWh

7.2 kWh × 2.1dollars =
About 15 dollars

Network Cost Month rent cost (100M/100M)1,299 dollars
Each monthly electricity costs720 hours × 7 W = 5.04 kWh

5.04 kWh × 2.1dollars =
About 11 dollars

Mobile Phone Fee6GB plan (Each monthly costs)399 dollars
Unlimited data plan (Each monthly costs)599 dollars

※The above costs are estimated and actual values ​​may vary by brand.

Then we divide the situation in two and compare the amount that had spent according to the cost listed above.


The 【Backup plan that you don’t have internet in your home 】

Backup by public cloud with mobile phone unlimited data plan

The user directly uses unlimited data plan and backup data to the public cloud at any time.

Each monthly cost →3,300 dollars+599 dollars=3,899 dollars


Backup by Windows 10 NAS with a mobile phone only has a 6GB plan

Because of the data limitation factor, users will not use a public cloud that will consume their mobile phone data for backup. In this case, the user can choose to install the router and a Windows 10 NAS at home, and access and backup data through the intranet. Then there will be no data problems at all!

Each monthly cost →1,667 dollars+30 dollars+15 dollars+399 dollars=2,111 dollars


The 【Backup plan that you have internet in your home】

Backup by public cloud

The user uses the internet and backup directly to the public cloud.

Each monthly cost →3,300 dollars+599 dollars+11 dollars=3,910 dollars


Backup by Windows 10 NAS

When the user has internet at home, they can not only backup data to Windows 10 NAS at home, but also can backup data no matter where they are after setting up DDNS.

Each monthly variety cost→ 1,667 dollars + 30 dollars+15 dollars + 1,299 dollars + 11 dollars = 3,022 dollars


In summary, no matter which backup scenario you use, the cost of using NE-201 backups must be more cost-effective than using the public cloud services.

Do you think 10 TB is too much capacity? NE-201 also has the function of sharing space. You can help your family, friends or colleagues to create accounts and set the usage capacity. Share NE-201 space, and each account all have their separate permissions and independent use without interfering with each other.

Windows 10 NAS vs. Public Cloud?

Windows 10 NAS vs. Public Cloud – Diversity

NE-201 also has many different applications. For example, the user can directly back up the system image file of other computers to the NE-201, so that the files and system data of that user’s computer can be easily backed up through the NE-201.

Windows 10 NAS vs. Public Cloud?

If the user wants to build a personal website or a company website but doesn’t know what to do. Not to mention just take a look at the web code, workstation programs, servers, etc. Don’t worry, NE-201 provides a mobile website erection function, which can allow the user to complete the website set up, from the application to the installation in a few simple steps. The user doesn’t need to learn the code, just simply set the name, type the content, upload the image, and you are finished building a website!

Windows 10 NAS vs. Public Cloud?


So which one should I choose? NE-201 or Public Cloud?

The public cloud service is only suitable for temporary backup of small a mounts of data (for example 10 GB). If you want to back up data at a long-term and have large-volume, also, the file content does not change a lot. Then we recommended using NE-201 for backup, not only because of the lower cost but also because of, the higher security.

Moreover, if you have use NE-201 for two or three years or more, and you want to switch to the newer and better ITE2 NAS. You may worry how to do with the old NE-201. Don’t worry! Because the NE-201 is equipped with the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system, it can also be used as a standard computer. Let the elders and children use it. NE-201’s multi-purpose let users no longer have to worry about how to deal with old machines when they replaced it, sounds great, right?

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