Windows 10 NAS vs. Public Cloud? Which one is better? Part 1

Windows 10 NAS vs. Public Cloud? Which one is better?

Windows 10 NAS vs. Public Cloud?

There are various attacks on the Internet, for example, phishing, or ransomware. They are all designed to target users’ most valuable intangible assets in the computer.

Indeed, in this high-tech society, we all put our precious information on our mobile phone, or on the Internet. So data saving is important at this time. However, normally, when talks to backup, customer’s first perception are usually: “I only need to save my files in the online cloud service, and that’s done!”

Indeed, the online cloud services can provide the same service as Windows 10 NAS can provide. Online cloud services can upload files, backup photos, or create file sharing links. However, have you ever consider about the speed, terms of use, security, price, and so on? So let’s compare the cloud service with the Windows 10 NAS – NE-201 and see how the result goes! (This article will be divided into the part 1 and part 2; Part 1 will compare speed, cloud services terms and restrictions, security, and the Part 2 will be compared price and diversity.)


Windows 10 NAS vs. Public Cloud – Speed

If we just compare upload/download speed and ignore network routing materials or computer factors. We all know that when we are trying to connect public cloud services, we have to use the external network for file transmission. Normally, users installed their NE-201 at home or in the company. Although we have to transmit files to the NAS through the external network when we are not at home, when we return to our home or company, we can use the faster intranet for file transmission.

The speed of the external network and the internal network can be different from several times or more. If you want to back up all the files and data in the computer, it will take a while for those TB files to be transmitted over the Internet. However, time consumption can be saved a lot while you use the internal network to transmit files.

For example, we used a 716.8 MB file to test how much time does it takes to upload and download at the various public cloud storage services. Please refer to the following results.

Windows 10 NAS vs. Public Cloud?

(Note: The test result may be different due to the network environment difference)


Windows 10 NAS vs. Public Cloud – Restriction Rules

In recent years, we often heard public cloud news like public cloud terms replacement or the termination of storage services. The best news you can get is probably the rental fee may increase each year. The worst news may be the service is directly terminated and you have to download the files you have saved immediately and move those files to another place. Don’t forget the transfer speed I just mentioned. If you have stored more than 1 TB of files in total, how much time do you want on the downloading?

So, don’t you think that backup files on the public cloud just like letting the public cloud “kidnapped” our files? Therefore, why don’t you use ITE2 NE-201 to do the backup for your important files and save those files permanently? Doesn’t it feel better to control your files in your own hands, and no need to worry your files has to related to the public cloud!

Windows 10 NAS vs. Public Cloud?

Windows 10 NAS vs. Public Cloud – Security

In the past few years, there are lots of disputes related to cloud-based hard drives, for example, hackers, hardware damage and so on. All this problem has affected the rights and interests of many users.Windows 10 NAS vs. Public Cloud?

However, don’t worry, why not choose NE-201 to store your files. The NE-201 hardware is protected by the disk array mode and the system and data store in separate hardware. Therefore, if there’s any hardware damage occurs, NE-201 would have a corresponding mechanism to restore the data. No like a public cloud, you may lose everything and cannot restore the data.

Also, except to the general user login mechanism, NE-201 also applies the OAuth 2.0 mechanism for additional account authentication. The method can perform identity verification through a third party to reduce the hacker risk. If you would like to be safer, you can set NE-201 as a tool to back up all the home computer’s data. Moreover, directly restricts users can only access by the intranet. In that case, as long as you have good network usage habits, the data hacker risk will be lower.

Want to know more about Windows 10 NAS and public cloud differences?

Stay tuned and found out!

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