[Windows 10 NAS] NE-201 Hardware Details

The development process of a product always has various discussions and imaginations on the software and hardware details.

Like the chaos of the universe filled with multiple changes and collisions. It has to wait until the product hardware details instruction come out, and all things settled.

ITE2 NE-201 have lots of features, not only the software different from other brands’ NAS, but also the hardware design has differences, too.

So, what makes NE-201 so special?

Let’s find out in the following instruction!


NE-201 Hardware Details Instruction

Hardware Details Instruction – Metal Anode Case with Quality Texture and Function

When you see the appearance of NE-201, you will notice that the metal case body first.

Different from other typical products, which use the common plastic materials on the case.

ITE2 insists on using metal as the main case body.

This idea makes the structure, and the integrally formed aluminum extruded case body not only structurally stable but also have the elegant and impressive sandblasting feel.

The metal casing can also be used as one of the heat dissipating media, absorb the heat inside the case and turn heat into the radiate outward. So that the heat does not accumulate inside the case and cause a problem.

Although the metal material cost a higher processing cost. ITE2 thoughts it is easier to recycle when the product life is ending, and it is more environmentally friendly.

Currently, NE-201 has two kinds of color for the user to choose from, anode silver and anode blue. These solid colors and simple appearance lines can help the user easily match their furnishings at home.

 NE-201 Hardware Details Instruction

Hardware Details Instruction – Simple and Elegant Appearance

As a home/studio storage center, NE-201 doesn’t have many unusual appearances.

The I/O holes and button layouts are all arranged behind the case. Reduce the visual interference and make user can be more focus on the work.

The upright structural design combined with only about 3 liters’ volume, does not take too much space on the table.

If the user needs to replace the hard drive, open the top cover, and he or she can do the hot-swap operation without any extra space.

NE-201 Hardware Details Instruction


Hardware Details Instruction – Mid-Level Performance & Best Choice for Working

NE-201 applies 3.5-inch Motherboard with Intel® Celeron® processor 3955U CPU, which computing power can compare to the regular computer.

With Windows 10 enterprise version operating system, NE-201 can be used as a small desktop or home office with data storage function.

NE-201 can even become an audio and video center, no need to use the built-in TV application or project the mobile phone screen to the TV.

The user can easily connect to the TV through the HDMI cable and browse the web, watch Youtube, FB, play video and so on.

Also, if the user has purchased NE-201 Wi-Fi version, then the user can not only use it as a network hot spot at home and share the network to another home member, but also can have a Bluetooth connection function.

Which can put music on the Bluetooth audio and share the music easily.

NE-201 Hardware Details Instruction

Hardware Details Instruction – Metal Hard Drive Tray, Protect Hard Drive Completely

There are two sets of hard drive slots inside the NE-201, so the user can use two hard drives to create a RAID 1 environment to improve the data security.

Also, the user can monitor the hard drive status through the PDM (Power Data Manager), so that user can always control the data status to avoid any data loss.

The 1 mm thick metal hard disk tray with enamel finishes allows the hard drive to be fully protected.

The hard drive tray supports 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drives for users to install, giving the user more flexible hard drive choices that are suitable for NE-201.

NE-201 Hardware Details Instruction

Hardware Details Instruction – Environmental Friendly Packaging Design

NE-201 positioned itself as a model for home/personal studios, so ITE2 will not forget the packaging design!

The outer box uses stickers with monochrome printing to avoid over-printing on the outer box, and maintain the refined product description pattern.

Moreover, the general NAS product uses a plastic bag outside of the product to prevent the product from being scratched during transportation.

However, the plastic bag will be disposed of after the product removed from the box. NE-201 applies a black non-woven drawstring bag to protect the product, and the drawstring bag can use in daily life.

Alternatively, the user can pack the NE-201 and other related items into the bag. Which minimize the plastic use on the package to make an effort on the environment.

NE-201 Hardware Details Instruction

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