[Windows 10 NAS] Manage your upload files

PDM version add [Drag File and Upload] and [Upload Task Management] features help user easily to upload files.

So, when user upload files to NAS, there should pop up a [Upload Task Processing] status on the right down corner.

The user can also click [Check Upload Task Progress] icon to review the task uploading progress.

Manage your upload files

Check Upload Files Task Progress

Manage your upload files

  1. Status Column: User can see the [Finished Task], [Waiting Task], [Uploading Task] and [Failed Task] information.

If there’s a failed task, you can click [Reupload Failed Tasks] icon to re-upload tasks.

Manage your upload files

  1. Clear All Finished Tasks: Click this icon can clear all the finished tasks in the task
  2. Stop Uploading: User can click this icon to stop uploading task. If the user wants to resume uploading, the user can click [Resume Uploading] icon, after click [Resume Uploading], the upload task should continue from the previously stopped task.

Manage your upload files

  1. Task List: Display all the uploading files. (Including already finished tasks and wait to upload tasks)
  2. Task Progress: Display current uploading file progress information.


The percentage represent [File Transfer Progress];   icon represent [Transferred file size/Total file size];   icon represent [Current transfer speed].


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