What Makes Windows 10 NAS So Special?

What makes Windows 10 NAS so unique and what’s the difference between Windows 10 NAS and traditional NAS?

First, Windows 10 NAS keep the original NAS features.

When you log in to the exclusive website interface or exclusive APP, you can access your files by connecting.

It also keeps the usual personal computer features.

For example, when you connect NAS to monitor, it just like a regular computer perfectly for your work. So this NAS is suitable for the user that understand and familiar with Windows operation system.

Alternatively, the enterprise that their management system or software are based on Windows operation system.

So, what are other applications on Windows 10 NAS that have both computer and NAS features?

What problem that it can solve for regular users? For more information, please see the following introduction!

Windows 10 NAS So Special– Access File No Matter Where You Are

Formerly, we have to upload our files to the cloud storage folder if we need to access our files from the external network.

Now, by Windows 10 NAS, you only need to place your files into computer’s specific folder, no more upload process, then you can access your files by mobile phone APP or by any browser you like.

What Makes Windows 10 NAS So Special?

Windows 10 NAS So Unique– Save or Share, Your Decision

Windows 10 NAS not only can be your private cloud but also can create multiple user accounts and share your storage space with your friends and family.

Windows 10 NAS also provides the highest authority management, your private files will keep safe and will not be accessed by any other users only if you allow them to access.


Windows 10 NAS So Perfect– A Computer & A Storage Hub

Want to do more than just a computer on Windows 10 NAS? Windows 10 NAS provides scheduled and differential backup windows applications and mobile phone app.

Help you backup your computer and mobile phone files to Windows 10 NAS all the time to avoid any accidental data loss.

What Makes Windows 10 NAS So Special?


Windows 10 NAS also integrated lots of personal computer and NAS application. So let’s experience this innovation NAS right now!


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