Some TIPS to make remote work easier

With COVID-19 still raging in many countries, many company already using remote work to make sure the company running as usual.

However, how can we implement remote work and how to effectively communicate with remote employees?  That is a big challenges for lots of company.

Remote work – is a time management challenge, and it also depends on whether the company has corresponding computer equipment.  The following below will introduce some equipment and application can make remote work easier and more efficiently.

Remote workImage by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

About Remote work

The first thing is, how to ensure that all the application in the office can be used at home?  The easy way is using remote desktop to connect to the computer in the company.

By using remote desktop, employees are able to access their office computer from home.  TeamViewer is one of the most popular remote desktop software, but TeamViewer is only free for personal user, not for company.  If you are windows user, we would suggest you to use Remote desktop that embedded in windows system.


But home networks are not as secure as company networks. If your home computer is hacked, then your computer in company would have trouble too.In this idea, companies can consider to setup a VPN service for employee to access, so that it can make sure all the connection are safety.


Beside remote desktop, if your company allow using public cloud (such as Google Drive), public cloud is an easy way to access file aboard, but we won’t know when the public cloud would be attacked or occur unknown problem.  The worst thing is if these problems occur, the only thing we can do is to “Wait for the public cloud provider to fix the problems”.  Therefore, using a private cloud might be the best choice.


Private cloud can easily to assign permission, and create different groups between different departments.  Support batch upload files, create file share links and regular backup, so if any situation happened, employee can access files in anywhere from private cloud.


ITE2 NAS is private cloud based on windows 10.  ITE2 NAS have the advantage of private cloud and computer.  In other words, ITE2 NAS can use remote desktop and install software.  When you going outside, you can use smart phone, tablet, notebook access file through web file manager or network drive, no matter you are using Windows OS or Mac OS.


Moreover, ITE2 NAS can build website easily.  If company need a website imminently, ITE2 NAS might be a good choice.
No doubt ITE2 NAS is just one of private cloud, you can choose any private cloud suitable for you.  Keep Your Business afloat during this pandemic.
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