STOP USING THEM! the worst passwords of 2019

According to the worst passwords of 2019 released by Splashdata.
Most of these passwords still use some simple numbers or all-too-common phrase, and nearly 3% of people have used the worst password.

In recent years, hackers can get your personal information through weak passwords.
To reduce the risk of hacked, users must be very cautious and use a complexity password.

The worst passwords of 2019

Here are The top 10 worst passwords of 2019:

  1. 123456( -)
  2. 123456789(↑1)
  3. qwerty(↑6)
  4. password(↓2)
  5. 1234567(↑2)
  6. 12345678(↓2)
  7. 12345(↓2)
  8. iloveyou(↑2)
  9. 111111(↓3)
  10. 123123(↑7)

As you can see, all these passwords are simple numbers, common names, and rows of keyboards.
So how to fix these passwords? You can follow our article:

5 principles of creating a secure password for NAS

Let’s create a secure password for NAS


Furthermore, if you want to check whether your password is strong enough, you can search keyword “password strong check” and you will find some websites that can check how strong and secure your password is. Please note that DO NOT use your real password to test. You can use the password with the same character- class structure to test, for example, if your real password is “abc456*786def” then you can enter “def123$952abc” on the password test website.

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