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Install PLEX Multimedia Software on ITE2 NAS

Last time we introduced PLEX

(For more information, please refer to: PLEX Software – Combination of Multimedia Server and Player!).

In this post, let’s take a look at how to install PLEX in ITE2 NAS and how to access audio and video files in the NAS!

In this example, we prepared the 2-Bays NAS model: NE-201. With the built-in Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS, NE-201 can be regarded as a convenient lightweight desktop PC and quickly get all the required programs.

So, let’s begin to enjoy the convenience of the Windows 10 OS now!

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[DEMO] Windows 10 IoT Core Chess Number AOI

Windows 10 IoT Core Chess Number AOI

ITE2 Technology Inc. uses its own PICO motherboard, to perform an automatic optical inspection calculation of the number of chess (AOI) experiments on the Windows 10 IoT Core.

It can instantly calculate the number of black and white chess sprinkled in the picture. And the chess number inspection can be up to 15 times per second.

[DEMO] Windows 10 IoT Core Chess Number AOI

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KODI application in Windows 10 NAS

What’s KODI?

ITE2 technology possess the original intention of developing a user-friendly network storage device (NAS), and launched the first personal/home network storage device: NE-201 with Windows 10 Enterprise version operating system.
So NE-201 equipped with the most well-known Windows operating system.

With a well design and a simple aluminum body, it is definitely one of your best data storage solutions.

Also, did you know that except for the data storage function, NE-201 can also be a powerful streaming video and media center?

In the following is the description of the NE-201 amplification function. So, let’s welcome the most classic and multi-function streaming video player software: KODI (XBMC)!

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