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[Windows 10 NAS] NE-201 Hardware Details

The development process of a product always has various discussions and imaginations on the software and hardware details.

Like the chaos of the universe filled with multiple changes and collisions. It has to wait until the product hardware details instruction come out, and all things settled.

ITE2 NE-201 have lots of features, not only the software different from other brands’ NAS, but also the hardware design has differences, too.

So, what makes NE-201 so special?

Let’s find out in the following instruction!

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Windows 10 NAS route structure introduction

Windows 10 NAS route structure introduction:

ITE2 Technology Inc. ITE2 NAS adopt Windows 10 OS.

So in the ITE2 NAS PDM interface: File Management can be related to the local drive’s route, like [Local Disk: C] corresponds to [System Drive]; [Local Disk: D] correspond to [Main Space]; [Local Disk: E, F, G…] correspond to [Share Folder in Partition Drive].

In the following post, we will introduce each drive and it correspond relationship.

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