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Set Up ITE2 NAS Static IP in PDM

What do you need to set up static IP?

Please try to think on one situation, if you always log in to your ITE2 NAS by IP address 192.168.0.XX.

Somehow in someday, you cannot connect to your NAS by IP address anymore, but ITE2 NAS works fine like usual, what is happening?

It may cause by the reason for the network device doesn’t work, or it may be the reason that your IP address has changed.

Someone may ask, what causes the IP address changed?

It is because ITE2 NAS will use assign IP address automatically, but if device encounter network device or ITE2 NAS reboot, under these two factors, IP address may have a chance to re-assign.

To solve this problem, we only need to set up static IP for ITE2 NAS! Sounds easy, right?

For operation steps, please refer to the following post!

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