Replace damaged HDD in Windows 10 NAS

To ensure your data’s safety, most of the people will set up NAS under RAID 1/5/10 mode and so on to avoid damaged HDD that may cause any of data loss.

However, you should know that every HDD has their product useful life. To prevent that, we have to choose a different batch of HDD to avoid HDD damage at the same time.

So what can we do if the HDD damage?

In ITE2 NAS, we provide an excellent solution for you to keep your data safe and secure.

Check Damaged HDD status

Please go to PDM [Settings> HDD Management> Space Management].

When the hard drive damage, we can see the status became [Unsafe]. Please follow these steps to replace your hard drive.

Replace damaged HDD in Windows 10 NAS

Get Started to Change Damaged HDD

Switch to [HDD management> HDD information] and check the damaged hard drive, open the NE-201 directly to replace the hard drive.
If the damage hard drive is the first one, please replace the hard drive on the left. If not, please replace the right one.

Replace damaged HDD in Windows 10 NAS

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