PowerCloud Version Update Announcement

ITE2 Technology Inc. latest app version: PowerCloud version 4.0.1 have coming out to the market in 2018 January! Newest PowerCloud app have provided the innovative design interface and upgraded with more functions and improve user experiences.

This app will help ITE2 NAS user to solve different kinds of cloud storage needs. Come and search your [PowerCloud] in APP store or Google Play now and download this app immediately!

PowerCloud APP Introduction

PowerCloud is a mobile APP designed by ITE2 Technology Inc. This app can help NAS user access ITE2 NAS files from no matter where they are. ITE2 NAS user can download app for free in APP store or Google Play. So,what are you waiting for, come and get your cloud storage app now!

PowerCloud 4.0.1



PowerCloud APP 4.0.1 Function Introduction

  • File List: Copy, delete, move, rename,share and download ITE2 NAS files. Available to manage multiple files at the same time.
  • File Review: View different types of files in powercloud app, like video file, music file, image file, document file and so on.
  • File Upload Function: Upload your mobile device files to ITE2 NAS.
  • Take and Upload: Directly take a photo or record a video, and it will automatically upload to ITE2 NAS.
  • File Sharing: Share ITE2 NAS files to other apps like Facebook.
  • Switch between multiple NAS or Account: User can log in to multiple ITE2 NAS or switch to different account to manage their files in different ITE2 NAS.
  • System Info: Review ITE2 NAS model, DDNS, OS, version, serial number and so on.
  • XBMC Remote: This function can operate ITE2 NAS’s XBMC media platform in the same LAN. (This feature only support Linux version NAS)


PowerCloud APP  Interface Display

PowerCloud 4.0.1PowerCloud 4.0.1
▲ File List ▲▲ Space List ▲
PowerCloud 4.0.1PowerCloud 4.0.1
▲Media Playing ▲▲ Switch Function ▲

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