PowerCloud File List Part 4 – Search and Multimedia Function

In this post, we will introduce search and multimedia viewing function.

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Search Function

In the file list, click the upright corner  icon, and you can see there’s a search column under the path. Just input the keyword you need then you can find the file that matches the keyword.

Search and Multimedia Function

Multimedia Viewing

Powercloud app supports different type of files mobile phone browsing, including images, video, music, documents…and so on.


Search and Multimedia Function


In the image viewing mode, just slide left and right can review other images in the same folder.

Share: Same as share function.

Delete: Same as delete function.











Search and Multimedia Function


In the video viewing mode, PowerCloud provide many function icons like the full-screen mode and download.

Support MP4, MOV, and so on other video types.



Search and Multimedia Function


In the music viewing mode, PowerCloud will automatically build a playlist for the music files in the folder and play.

You can switch to another apps and music will keep playing as long as PowerCloud runs in the background.














For another document type, like PowerPoint file, PDF file, can be opened directly in iOS version and review through others mobile phone apps in Android version.

Search and Multimedia Function

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