PowerCloud Backup Function Introduction

PowerCloud 4.1.1 version has updated a new backup function in order to let user enable to backup their mobile phone images to NAS.

Click [Backup] and make sure the backup path, then click [Start Backup].

After the backup process starts, PowerCloud should switch to the backup page to do the backup process, you can still switch to another page to do other operation, and it won’t affect backup.

(Please note that PowerCloud backup operation only runs in the foreground and do not run in the background.)

PowerCloud Backup Function Introduction

Backup Function Button Introduction

In [Backup] page, there are a few function buttons; please refer to the introduction in the followings.

1.    [ Stop  ]

Stop the backup process and keep the current backup progress. Click [ Start    ] then PowerCloud should continue backup from the previous progress.

(Please note that click [ Start    ], then PowerCloud will automatically scan newly added images and join to backup tasks for backup.)

2.    [ Settings   ]

Can be set whether to backup only under the Wi-Fi environment. If user switch to [Open], then PowerCloud will only do a backup when the phone is under the Wi-Fi environment; If user switch to [Close], then PowerCloud will do backup no matter phone is under the Wi-Fi environment or the mobile network environment.

3.    [ Backup Info   ]

Provide [Backup] function operation introduction.


 PowerCloud Backup Function Introduction

In [Backup] page, the user can click    icon to view more images for that month. Besides, when the user clicks the thumbnail image, they can view the original image directly.

PowerCloud Backup Function Introduction

When the backup process completed, the user can go to [PDM interface > Home Space] and you should see there is a folder named [Backup].

Click that folder and find the corresponding phone serial number, then you can view the backup images in PDM.

PowerCloud Backup Function Introduction

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