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ITE2 Technology Inc. has designed different kinds of mobile phone apps to help App users solve different types of problem.

The user can go to App store or Google Play store to download all the Apps that ITE2 have provided.

PowerCloud App

In this post, we will introduce PowerCloud app start from the sign-in screen, and present PowerCloud featured function!

For how to download your PowerCloud, please refer to Android / iOS APP- PowerCloud Introduction

How to sign-in to PowerCloud App

Search inside network IP address to sign-in PowerCloud

First, your mobile phone should be on the same inside network with ITE2 NAS. Open your PowerCloud; then you can use [ Find the IP of PowerNAS ] to search NAS IP address that you are need to sign- in.

(Please note that you can open the [ Remember Me ] function that you will not need to sign-in next time)

PowerCloud App

Enter your DDNS account address to sign-in PowerCloud App.

PowerCloud user can enter their DDNS preposition address (For example, address [ abc.powernas.com.tw ] you can only enter [ abc ] ) then the user can use their social media account or ITE2 NAS account to sign-in.

PowerCloud App

Main screen introduction

PowerCloud App

PowerCloud App function 

System Function Key

Check account information, close PowerCloud app, account sign out and review file transfer status.


XBMC Remote

Turn your mobile phone into a remote that can control same network’s NAS XBMC platform. ( Please note that this function only available in Linux NAS )

PowerCloud App function

File Management

PowerCloud can become a communication bridge to ITE2 NAS. The user can manage their NAS files on the mobile phone, like review, upload, download, and play video through PowerCloud File Management function.

PowerCloud App function

Phone Contacts Backup

Backup your phone contacts to ITE2 NAS, or restore your backup phone contacts to a new phone.

PowerCloud App function

General Information

Review NAS model information, Serial number, DDNS account, Host name and other system information.

PowerCloud App function

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