ITE2 Technology Inc. collaborates with Microsoft

ITE2 Technology Inc. collaborates with Microsoft to accelerate Internet of Things solutions

Verified hardware and software enhance interoperability and allow faster time to production.

ITE2 Technology Inc. collaborates with Microsoft

Taipei, Taiwan – Aug. 2018

ITE2 Technology Inc. collaborates with Microsoft. ITE2 Technology Inc., today announced it has joined Microsoft Azure Certified for the Internet of Things (IoT), ensuring customers get IoT solutions up and running quickly with hardware and software that has been pre-tested and verified to work with Microsoft Azure IoT services.

Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT allows businesses to reach customers where they are, working with an ecosystem of devices and platforms, allowing for faster time to production.

ITE2 Technology Inc. started to invest in network attached storage development since 2014.

With the introduction of the ITE2 NAS brand, a home-based cloud storage server that focuses on open source operating system and social media platform integration.

In 2017, ITE2 proudly announced that ITE2 had developed the first Windows 10 NAS that combines the features of traditional NAS with personal Windows OS computers.

Target at household customers, working from home users and small business who have storage with IoT devices needs.

This product will become a storage hub for a variety of applications that will replace the current NAS on the market, and it will also replace part of the low-end personal computers, barebone market, too.

By collaborates with Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT, ITE2 product can decrease the usual customization and work required for compatibility ensure ITE2 Technology Inc. helps customers get started quickly on their IoT solution.

“In ITE2, we believed that our broad experience in software gives us a clear and confident vision to help clients navigate the future in cloud storage devices.

With Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT, it validates our ability to jumpstart customers’ IoT projects with pre-tested device and operating system combinations” said Richard Jiang, Director of ITE2 Technology Inc.

“Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT extends our promise to bring IoT to business scale, starting with interoperable solutions from leading technology companies around the world,” said Jerry Lee, Director of Marketing for Azure Internet of Things, Microsoft Corp.

“With trusted offerings and verified partners, Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT accelerates the deployment of IoT even further.”

IoT projects are complex and take a long time to implement.

Customers find that choosing and connecting the right set of devices, assets or sensors to the cloud can be time-consuming. To jumpstart their IoT projects with confidence, customers are looking for certified devices and platforms that are tested for readiness, compatibility, and usability with the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite.

By choosing a partner from the Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT program, customers can save time and effort on project specs and RFP processes by knowing in advance what devices and offerings will work with the Azure IoT Suite.

Learn more about this collaboration at Azure Certified for IoT and explore the Azure IoT Suite today.


ITE2 Technology Inc. Introduction

ITE2 Technology Inc. is a software development company based in Taiwan. In ITE2, we have a new vision for software development services.

We lead clients through accelerating change, helping them with the power of technology to deliver new outcomes from their business.

We have established lots of partner relationships, including banking industries, government, many of leading enterprises and brands.

In ITE2, we proudly provide services including business SMS solutions, MMS, Network attached storage – ITE2 NAS, mobile website services, credit card risk control, share point, SSO single sign-on, and many other software services cannot be listed.

We believed that customer’ needs should above than anything else.

So ITE2 also delivered a bunch of great customize software services for customers, as we understood customize can genuinely reflect the technology and our values.


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