ITE2 NE-201 – Your Online Cloud Drive Solution!

ITE2 NE-201 – Your Online Cloud Drive Solution

Everyone sure has encountered this situation that when you are sending a large file, the file size is too large to send out by e-mail.

Or the vendor needs the data for the further process but the network has regional restrictions and cannot download that working file.

ITE2 NE-201 - Your Online Cloud Drive Solution!

No matter how much capacity claimed by different e-mail or web mail, the maximum size for the e-mail attachment is usually about 10 MB or less.

This capacity surely not enough for current e-mail users now because it is hard to transfer information.

Some people may say that they can use Google, Dropbox, or One Drive’s online cloud drive link function to send a file link to the other party. Which seems a simple solution. Sure, this is simple for countries like Taiwan or other.

But have you ever thought about when your manufacturer or colleague is in China?

Or in the country that doesn’t support the online cloud drive that we used to?

In that case, how do you send large files to them?


Where is the Best Online Cloud Drive Solution?

ITE2 NE-201 - Your Online Cloud Drive Solution!

If you have ever tried to send data to a manufacturer or colleague in China. Then you will know that Google, Dropbox, One Drive and other free online cloud drives are not able to use there due to the China official policies.

Some people may use the VPN to make the connection. But most VPN is not very stable, or even no longer provide related services.

As for those free online cloud drive websites found on the Chinese internet, most of them seem to have security issues and not very trustworthy.


Online Cloud Drive Solution – NE-201

So, is there any online cloud drive that can be more secure and efficient to solve this problem?

If there is a file transfer solution that can be efficient and break the country’s transmit limitation, it will be the ideal solution for this problem!

And here comes a great solution! The ITE2 private cloud drive product – ITE2 NAS NE-201. NE-201 not only can store and back up files but also provides a way to establish download links for files.

As long as the browser can be connected to the internet, the user can download files from that download link.

NE-201 share link has no limitation to the file size, and no need to install any application or any VPN.

As long as the NE-201 has a external network DDNS path. Then the user can send the share link through any communication app or e-mail without any download limitation.


ITE2 NE-201 - Your Online Cloud Drive Solution!

Also, this sharing link is entirely through the user’s NE-201, ensuring information security.

ITE2 NE-201 - Your Online Cloud Drive Solution!

The information will not store in third-party cloud storage. Leaving those files on risk. NE-201 also provides a convenient interface for users to create and manage share links easily.

Users can also control the related information in the sharing link management page, and can repeatedly copy that share link to another user who needs those files.

NE-201 users can also delete that share link after confirming that data have been downloaded to ensure the file information security.


Online Cloud Drive Solution For U

ITE2 NAS NE-201 allows the admin user can directly create accounts with restricted permissions for other users to use, which is very convenient for users who need to share files.

Through the permission setting, regular users can also communicate or share the file securely in public space or group space without regions or network restriction.

ITE2 NAS NE-201, your safest online cloud drive solution!

(Note: For more recommended instructions and product information, please refer to NE-201 User Manual)

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