ITE2 NAS Share Link Introduction

If you have ever used online cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive, you should know the file share link function.

As a private cloud storage device, ITE2 NAS definitely provide this function too!

In ITE2 NAS [Share link] function, we will create an exclusive link for files that can access by other people.

In that case, when you want to share files to other people who do not have NAS, you can use share link method to share your NAS files.

Create a share link

User can right-click on the selected file in file management, and you can see [Create Share Link].

Click this option, and it should pop up a share link window.

Click [Create Share Link] icon then the files will be turn into a link and able to share to external user.

ITE2 NAS Share Link Function Introduction

If you do not want to share this link anymore, you can click original file and press right key to select [Create Share Link] then click [Remove Share Link] button to stop sharing.

Alternatively, you can find the file in [Share link management] and directly click ITE2 NAS Share Link Function Introduction  button.

ITE2 NAS Share Link Function Introduction

Share Link Management

The user can manage their share links in [Share link management].

Administrator user can manage all the share links on NAS, and regular user can only manage their share links.

ITE2 NAS Share Link Function Introduction


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