ITE2 NAS – Good Helper for Storage and Sharing!

ITE2 NAS is a good helper for data storage and information sharing!

It has three main useful applications.

You not only can save files on ITE2 NAS and also can sharing information on ITE2 NAS.

  1. Micro Blog – Integrated information sharing and information interacting.
  2. Sharing Icon – Share your files to other APPs by one-click.
  3. Multiple Website Address Service – Let you can quickly build a mobile website by ITE2 NAS applications and display information you want to show.

Micro Blog – Good Helper for Sharing& Interacting!

ITE2 NAS particular function: a micro blog can let NAS user to announce information. Or, take a note or share information or NAS files directly.

Let NAS users, or non-NAS users can still interact with each other.

The user can also use social media share function through ITE2 CENTER to post an FB post and back up the post content into the micro blog at the same time.

ITE2 NAS – Good Helper for Storage and Sharing!

PowerCloud – Good Helper for ITE2 NAS sharing!  

When you are browsing files through other APPs, if you want to share that file to NAS, you can use [Share] function, and that file will be quickly uploaded to NAS.

Likewise, if you want to share NAS file with other APPs, you can also use [Share] function to do the same thing and share file easily from NAS to other APPs.

**PowerCloud support two-way sharing, ITE2 Center only support sharing files from the other APPs to NAS.**

ITE2 NAS – Good Helper for Storage and Sharing!

ITE2 NAS – Good Helper for Management & Website Application!

ITE2 NAS not only have primary PDM interface for the user to manage their files but also allows the user to build a mobile website quickly by ITE2 NAS.

Just a few steps and user can quickly create a company or personal image website.

Moreover, ITE2 NAS provide three sets of DDNS, which means three sets of the website address for the user to apply.

The user can easily decide which DDNS should assign to PDM or the mobile website.

ITE2 NAS – Good Helper for Storage and Sharing!

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