November 23 is Black Friday, while Cyber Monday will be on November 26.

Expect to see great deals across the whole weekend from a variety of retailers, but for Amazon, it’s set to be an even longer period.

With Black Friday less than a month away, many NAS buyers are already starting to get itchy trigger fingers. Never fear. So ITE2 Technology Inc. will not forget to bring the customer the hottest tech gifts on network attached storage.

This holiday season, let ITE2 give you the gift of tech with ITE2 NAS NE-201, the first and the only Windows 10 NAS on the market.

“ITE2 NAS NE-201 is an innovation NAS that integrated Windows 10 PC with NAS function” said by Richard Jiang, the director of ITE2.

This innovation function let NAS users can backup, operate or view their files efficiently.

Not sure what it means?

Let’s say we store a software file that only runs under Windows environment in regular NAS. If we want to use that software to review files, we have to find a PC and login to that NAS and download the file.

Otherwise, we have to download other applications, or even build a virtual machine in NAS to use that software.

However, in NE-201, because it is a standard Windows PC with Intel® Celeron Processor 3955U Dual-Core 2.00 GHz. So the user can download that software and install it in NE-201 without any settings. Just like you are using a regular computer!

Black Friday Deals is Here!

Imagine how convenient it will be, no matter which files format or software you have stored or backup, as long as that file or software can run under the Windows environment, then you can access and view it without any difficulty.

No need to worry that you have to set up a virtual machine to see that file, and not to mention the virtual machine will slow down the CPU efficacy!

So NE-201 is a great choice not only for home-users but also a perfect solution for the company’s file backup. Let we be clear if you buy an NE-201; it means you buy a PC+NAS! Like buy one get one free!

Sound great, right?

On this holiday season, ITE2 will give you the best price we can offer to thanks all our supporters. Remember, from Black Friday till Cyber Monday, only on Amazon, ITE2 NAS NE-201 will price down from USD $690 to $599.

The lowest price on the market!!

Don’t forget to visit Amazon on Black Friday and search ITE2 then start crossing names off your gift list with great deals on!


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