Is it safe to put your files on online cloud drive? Part 1

Is it safe to put your files on online cloud drive?

On March 13, 2019, Taiwan had faced the most severe crash of Google. Many users said that “I need to send e-mail to customers now!”, “I cannot download my data on Google drive!”

In recent years, various network cloud storage services have been in trouble at least once.

So it is time for us to think – is it safe to put our files on the online cloud drive?

Free online cloud drive, yes or no?

When we upload our data to the online cloud drive or the cloud platform, it means that we agree with their policy.

When more files are uploaded, the more we will be kidnapped by their online cloud drive.

Like the cloud photo platform – Flickr. In 2018, they changed their policy of the original free user’s 1 TB space only to give you 1,000 photos space.

In February 2019, they automatically deleted photos that are over space. If you are a user that had stored 1 TB of photos, let’s just assume each photo takes 1 MB, so 1 TB can save more than 1 million photos, which is nearly mission in possible to backup them back to your own space?

Therefore, when we upload our data to these “free” cloud drive or online platform, we must pay attention to know when it comes to any change, it will take a certain amount of time to seek new online could drive resources.


Famous brand’s online cloud drive, yes or no?

According to the cloud drive status recorded and provided by Google, there are two crushes with the online drive this year, 1/19 and 3/13, respectively.

Therefore, the famous brand cannot be safe, too. No one can guarantee that you can access your data for 24 hours.


Moreover, have you seen the online cloud storage terms of service?

Take Google as an example; in Google terms of service; it states that Google has the right to let the system analyze online cloud drive’s content.

We have uploaded our essential files to an online cloud drive, but we don’t know who and when can access these contents without any notice?

Is it safe to put your files on online cloud drive?

Also, famous brand’s online cloud drive is often the target of hackers. In September 2018, Facebook leaked at least 40 million accounts due to service vulnerabilities.

If these accounts have stored private photos on Facebook, without any immediate correction, then there is a great chance that these photos may be accessed by hackers.

However, “Is the famous brand’s online cloud drive really bad?”, “How can we really improve our data protection?”

Stay tuned and found out on the next part!

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