ITE2 NAS – HDD Management Pt.2

In “HDD Management Part II”, we will introduce folder management, how to expand space size and add hot spare.


Folder Management

You can create a folder based on a different partition, and setup folder user’s permission.

HDD management - Folder Management

After finish, if you want to edit/delete Share Folder, you can click edit icon/delete icon icon to access.

edit and delete

Add hot spare

If ITE2 NAS user encounter single hard drive damage (system status: unsafe or abnormal) under RAID 1 type. They can rebuild data by [Add hot spare] method.
First, you have to replace the damaged hard drive with a new one. For how to replace the hard drive, please refer to Replace the hard drive in ITE2 NAS part. Once you replace the hard drive, please click [Add hot spare].

add hot spare


Then, select the new hard drive you want to add hot spare, and press [OK].

add hot spare (HDD)

You can see the system status display [Rebuild]. If you did not see the updated status, press [Rescan Hardware Devices] to update the newest status.

Rebuild space


After finish rebuilding, you can see the status has updated to [Good], and the information about the damaged hard drive was removed.      rebuild finished

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