Getting Started: PowerCloud 4.0.1 version

Getting Started

When user open the PowerCloud app, we should enter into the PowerCloud download space page. User can view the download space path and click    icon to view another folder on this mobile phone.

iOS Version

Android Version
Powercloud v4.0.1 getting started Powercloud v4.0.1 getting started

Then, let’s follow the introduction to start first log in.

Getting started: How to log in

To start to log in to ITE2 NAS, please click the upright corner  icon and select [Log in] to begin the process. Please follow the next steps to find the ITE2 NAS you want to log in.

Powercloud v4.0.1 getting started


  • Choose your ITE2 NAS to log in

When your mobile phone and ITE2 NAS are under the local area network, you can log in to ITE2 NAS by [Scan ITE2 NAS IP].
(Turn on the [Remember me] function, and you can log in automatically next time when you open the app).

Powercloud v4.0.1 getting started

  • Manual enter IP or DDNS address to log in

The user can directly enter IP address or the DDNS to log in.

(Please note that DDNS is your NAS preposition address. If your DDNS address is, then you only need to enter abc)and you can log in to a social account or NAS account.

Powercloud v4.0.1 getting started

Getting started: Choose your account login method

After selected the NAS to log in; you can choose [NAS account Login] or [Login By Social].

[NAS account Login] is to log in to NAS by entering your account and password, then click [Login] icon to login.

[Login By Social] is to log in if your social account already bound with NAS, then you can log in by clicking the corresponding social icon.

NAS account login

Social account login

Powercloud v4.0.1 getting started Powercloud v4.0.1 getting started


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