Get started with Website Analysis – Pt. I

If we want to track and connect your marketing data, we need to use website analysis tools.  A website analysis tool can find out lots of marketing data, including Web traffic, visitor behavior, audiences’ data, the number of page views.  These reports will use for understanding and optimizing web usage.

Free Website Analysis – Google Analytics

There are many website analysis tools on the market.  For the beginner, we recommend you to use Google Analytics.  Google Analytics tool is a free website analysis tool and easy to use.  In this article, we would introduce some Google Analytics features.  (We will use Google Analytics demo account in this article, the data in the Google Analytics demo account is from the Google Merchandise Store)

Free Website Analysis - Google Analytics


① All accounts

We can change analytics accounts, Properties & Apps, and views by click “All accounts”.

All accountsdifferent data viewsdata view changed


② Google Analytics Home

Google Analytics Home page gives you a summary of what’s interesting about your data.

The top row of cards shows you: Overall traffic and conversions (Users, Revenue, Conversion Rate, and Sessions).  User volume by day and hour. Hover over a cell to see the exact number of users that hour.  The number of users on your site right now, and which pages they’re viewing.

Most cards use data from existing Analytics reports. To open the associated report, click the link at the bottom of the card.

Google Analytics Home

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