Files sharing on Windows 10 NAS

When we are using email or app to attach file we want to send; we may encounter a problem that file is too large to attach. In that case, ITE2 Windows 10 NAS can help you sharing your  files just like cloud storage that share data by a hyper link.

Files Sharing – How to build a share link

Windows 10 NAS user can press right key on the file you want to share to open options window and select [share link] button . Press [share link] button and the link will come out, in that case, the file can be sent out to the external user by the hyperlink that just made.

How to build files sharing link

How to build files sharing link

If you do not want to share that file anymore, just press the original file’s right key and select [share link] button, press [Remove link].   Or go to share link management to locate the file you want to delete and press the right X.

Share Link Management

Windows 10 NAS user can also manage links in share link management. The administrator user can manage all the files that have been shared. Otherwise, the standard user can only manage the link shared by themselves.

How to build files sharing link

There are more useful functions on Windows10 NAS waiting for you to discover.  Stay tuned and see what’s new will coming out next!


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