Data Safety – Is it safe to put your files on online cloud drive?

Data Safety – Is it safe to put your files on online cloud drive?

In the previous post, is it safe to put your files on online cloud drive? part 1

Is it safe to put data on a place that data can be access by others?

It does point out some problems with the online cloud drive.

However, surely that some people would want to know “Is the famous brand online cloud drive terrible?”, “How can we improve the data protection?”

Don’t worry, in this post will continue to explain to you.

Famous brands’ online cloud drive data safety

Famous brands’ online cloud-based drives are well known for their convenience and universality.

However, we also know that cloud-based hard drives are not 100% trustworthy.

So, we can still use this handy tool by paying attention to the following points:

  1. Because it can’t guarantee stable operation for 24 hours, so be sure to prepare a copy of your data on another platform or device.
  2. Because the uploaded data may be leaked or analyzed, so please do not upload confidential information or private information to online cloud drives.

Data Safety Reminder: do not put all eggs in the same basket.

We all know that “investment and wealth management has gains and losses,” but what about the data information?

Those files and materials in the computer are our accumulation of work, the memories of life, or personal hobbies.

A slight mistake may cause lose those files. So in this year of that almost everyone using computers / mobile phones/tablets, we must store our precious data at least more than two places, such as cloud storage server (NAS), flash drives, etc.

Also, remember not to put them in the same place to avoid any disasters happened. Alternatively, those two file copies will be destroyed at the same time.

So you may want to ask, where can we put our another file copy? Because we want to prevent others from peeking our data at the same time, it is recommended to use a device with encryption protection or can set up a password.

Then put that device in a trusted place such as home, company, or even small warehouse, safe deposit box, etc.

Data Safety - Is it safe to put your files on online cloud drive?

ITE2 NAS – a perfect tool for your data safety

ITE2 NAS is a cloud storage server developed by ITE2 Technology.

Different from other NAS brands, it applies Windows 10 operating system, so you can quickly get started without knowing what cloud storage or NAS is.

ITE2 NAS built-in two sets of hard drive trays for hard drive data synchronization. After all, both hard drives and flash drive may have unexpected failures.

Data synchronization can reduce the risk of data loss caused by one hard drive damage.

The extremely power-saving function only takes 19W in a standby mode, which is almost equal to the one bulb’s power consumption.

For more features, please visit:

So, let’s protect your data with ITE2 NAS now!

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