Cloud Storage on Windows 10 NAS

Most people have experiences with cloud storage before. Like using Google Drive, One Drive, or Dropbox to save files. And that is why Ite2 Windows 10 NAS provide cloud storage function. No need to login to other cloud storage and buy more space for your precious files anymore. By our Windows 10 NAS file management, it is easy to save the file to the specified path just like your online cloud storage. No matter where you go, you can go online or use your phone app to manage all your files.

Of course, NAS cloud storage can not only manage your files but also can share data if you need! Let’s see the introduction for the Windows10 NAS cloud storage – file management!

NAS Cloud Storage – File Management

When you log in to the PDM (Power Data Manager) through a browser, press [File Management] on the main page. In the file management page, you can upload, download, delete, move and share any files on your NAS.

NAS Cloud Storage - File Management

P.S. For how to share your files, please refer to Files sharing on Windows 10 NAS.

Main Space

Main Space has four different subspaces, each space has different permission setting.

Space Permission
Public SpaceEveryone with a standard account can access files in public space.

Social media user can only read files but cannot edit files in public space.

Home SpaceIndependent space for every account, another user cannot access.
Backup SpaceSpace for backup data, can only access by PDM.
Group SpaceOnly group member can access files in group space.



Take a small business as an example.

In Public space, files can be accessed by all the employees.

In Home space, this space is for each employee to save their files.

In Group space, this space can be used to save each internal department files. Also, each department cannot access to other department’s information.


Share Folder Introduction.

Share folder can add by other partition in NAS. The user can set up folder permission for those people who do not have an account to access PDM. Please refer to NAS user manual for more share folder operating method.

How to manage your files

  1. Folder list:  View all the folders in the space.
  2. Share link management:  Manage all sharing links for NAS files.
  3. Toolbar:  Function bar like create folder, delete and upload.
  4. File master:  View all files in this folder/space. Press right key on the target file can select an option like download, copy, cut, paste, rename, delete, and share link.
  5. Search column:  Search target file in folder/space.

File management intorduction


File browsing

In the file management, the user can also view different types of files, like:

▲Photo viewer in file management.
▲Viewing images in photo viewer.
▲Viewing video files like MP4 or MOV.
▲Viewing video files like MP4 or MOV in video viewer.
Audio viewer in file management
▲Listening music files in audio viewer.

In the next post, we will introduce how to view and access files in file management directly from Windows 10 NAS. Stay tuned and find out!

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