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SRT caption for vedio in Windows 10 NAS

In Windows 10 NAS Power Data Manager (PDM) version, it supports SRT caption. The user can only put video and caption file in the same folder, then play the video, and the caption will be embedded directly.

Some videos have already provided the caption files. But what if those video files that do not have caption? and how can we do to apply a caption to our video?

In this post, we will introduce you how to edit SRT caption file and how to put them into a video!

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Quota Function Introduction on Windows 10 NAS

Quota setting can help NAS admin to setup each user’s total capacity. By this function, it can avoid specific user abuse of storage space, causing other users or admin trouble. The first step, find [ Quota Settings ] in PDM [ User Management ], in the settings page, the admin user can manage storage capacity and setup different disk partitions. So, when we set up the quota for each user, the user cannot store data that more than the allowance. Also, please note that the public space and home space in file management page, these space’s allowance are all directly attached to the first partition.

Quota Setting

quota setting introduction

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Backup your files by ITE2 Center

Backup is critical to everybody right now since everyone is using a computer. Not to mention the files in the computer, images, company data, school projects and so on. These data have been increased fast. However,  lots of users usually do not have conscious about that and ignore the importance of backup. Moreover, sometime, things just happened, in that time, it will be too late to regret. That’s why you need a perfect backup app to help you, and that is ITE2 Center.

ITE2 Center is an app special designed for Windows 10. It has two main features, social media sharing and schedule differential backup. In this post, we will introduce you how to setup backup from ITE2 Center.

First – Download ITE2 Center

Please download your ITE2 Center in Microsoft Store.

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