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Advanced Applications

Advanced Applications

Update Windows version from 1703 to 1709

What can you do If you want to update your ITE2 NAS Windows 10 OS to the newest version.

But encounter the problem that you cannot update Windows version from 1703 to 1709?

Here comes the solution!

Please refer to the following steps to resolve the problem and help your Windows upgrade to the newest version!

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Turn off sleep settings completely (Windows 10 NAS)

When we are using Windows 10 NAS – NE-201, in order to ensure the system can work continually and won’t be interrupt by sleep mode, we can turn off sleep settings in power options settings.

However, even if we have turn off the sleep mode, three more hours later, Windows 10 OS will still turn the computer automatically into the sleep mode.

So how can we turn off the sleep settings completely?

Please stay tuned and find out in the following operation!

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Manage virtual machine on Windows 10

There are so many virtual machines applications on the internet. This use is also an application that most of NAS users use a lot. However, did you know? In the Windows 10 OS Pro and Enterprise version, there is also a built-in virtual machine application. ITE2 NE-201 takes Windows 10 IoT Enterprise as an OS.  So, of course we can use Windows 10 NAS NE-201 to build a virtual machine!

In the following post, we will introducing you how to open built-in  HYPER-V application in Windows 10. In that case, we can use NE-201 to manage your virtual machine! So, let’s find out!

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NFS SERVER Installation Manual

NFS stands for Network File System, which is made by sharing each file between different machine or different operating system.

In this demo, user will learn how to install NFS Server under Linux NAS. By installs NFS server, user can share files between computer and NAS more smoothly and improve work efficiency. NFS can also help data interfacing more easily between other software. This manual is applicable to the following models: Power NAS PN-401, PN401-R and other Linux NAS.

Please note that this demo is all operated by Power NAS PN-401.

Step 1. Set up a Remote Desktop

Use WINDOWS Built-in function [Remote Desktop Connection] connect to the PN-401.

Please note: Your computer and PN-401 need to connect to the same Local area network(LAN).

1.Login to PDM, and find [PowerBox].

Remote desktop to PN-401

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