Backup Mobile Phone Photos by PowerCloud

Have you ever backup mobile phone photos by PowerCloud? Have you ever heard of that someone lose their phone and lose all the mobile phone photos too?

Don’t be one of them! Let’s get started to backup mobile phone photos by PowerCloud Now!

Someone may ask, what is the difference between backup in PowerCloud and Google, iCloud and other backup platform? Don’t worry; this post will introduce in the next paragraph.

With the dual combination of ITE2 NAS and PowerCloud, you can easily backup photos on your mobile phone!

Backup Mobile Phone Photos by PowerCloud

Backup Mobile Phone Photos by PowerCloud – What’s the difference between PowerCloud and Other Clouds?

◆ No Need to limit by Terms of Service

When using the online cloud platform, users are controlled by that platform’s term of service.

If that platform adjusts the price and plan, you have no choices but pay because you already backup your photos on the platform.

If users do not want to use the service anymore, they have to spend time downloading and relocate all the pictures and files.

But by ITE2 NAS, users can have all the control for their photos and files and no need to worry about any above problems.


◆ Access Photos from Any Interface

When photos are backed up to the ITE2 NAS, in addition to accessing the pictures via the network, they can also access through other devices such as USB.

Even if the network connection is unstable or disconnected, the user can still take out the photo files easily.


◆ Low Invasion Risk

Nowadays, people can see news about online cloud platforms being attacked and so on.

That’s because these online cloud platforms are all in the public network. The ITE2 NAS can be set up in a private network environment.

With good computer usage habits, user can lower the probability of computer invasion!


Don’t forget, PowerCloud’s backup function can not only back up photos but also backup videos!

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